Chairperson's Message

Mrs. Rajashree Khottei

 The dream to establish a college came into mind in order to fulfil the need of the pass-out High School students and to develop confidence in their parents and guardians that they will no longer make a Long and hectic Journey to other districts specifically to BBSR and Cuttack and even outer states for the education of their children. Besides, the colleges with a false promise and the payment of huge amount of money put them in a state of labyrinth whether their children should be admitted or not. To remove such a puzzling thought and to imbibe and inculcate in the real education, GJSC came into existence at LIC Colony, mining Road, Keonjhar in 2009 and later shifted to its permanent place, i.e at N.H-215, Kashipur, Keonjhar where the institution is still running with an approval of 192 seats in +2 Science, 128 seats for Arts and 96 seats for +2 Commerce. The tremendous academic performance of the students prompted us to the opening of +3 science stream. As the 1st step, +3 Science was opened with an approval of 128 Hon’s seats in 2016 followed by an approval of 128 seats in both Arts and Commerce in 2017.

            The motto of the college is not only to cultivate the curriculum confined to classrooms and books but we spearhead against the vulgarity in which the students are excessively engrossed in. Besides, we make the students lead a restraint student-life as almost all at this age are liable to go astray. Hence, we make and help the students involve in co-curricular and extra-curricular activities along with a controlled and balanced behaviour, manner, conduct, attitude and psyche so that in their later stages and in the long run they can be blessings to their family and society instead of being a blatant. With a view to inculcating the real education through the stipulated time prescribed by the institution, the students, being distracted from the glamour world, can realise the entity and the ethics of life..